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I’ve thought about going to her personally and saying that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to have those photos right next to the company’s name, but given the fact that she is extremely hostile towards me at work, I have decided this is not the best course of action.

(I talked with two of my managers about the hostility issue, and their response was “Not my problem.” So, I have tried to reach a resolution with that to no success.)I’m trying to decide if I should report this to HR or not.

Is there anything I can do to loop myself into these meetings?

to have competent and helpful employees, and you want them to field as much as they can so that you’re freed up for higher level work.

An employer can pay any mileage rate they want, but if it’s lower than the IRS rate, you can deduct the difference on your taxes (although that only helps you if you’re already itemizing deductions).

However, California does require employers to reimburse all business expenses, so if you could show that the mileage rate they’re paying doesn’t do that, it’s possible there could be a legal thing here — although that’s outside my own scope of expertise.

And it’s not crazy to have a peer talk with candidates at some stage of the process.I have one employee reporting to me who is working in one of our remote offices.I have found that on many occasions when other teams in the remote office need any information, they directly approach her instead of coming to me.Beyond that, though, if you’re concerned that people won’t see your value, you could look for ways to give your work higher visibility if that’s appropriate — but in general, assuming that you’re producing at a high level yourself, people aren’t going to wonder what your worth is just because they interact more frequently with one of your staff members.I recently stumbled arose one of my coworker’s public blogs and decided to scroll through it since she is always going on about it at work. While scrolling, I saw that she had multiple nude pictures of her (not full nude, like partial nudes) on this site, including a full view of her lady parts.

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