Dating your ex husband after divorce

I told them living together let me pursue my education and still be the mother I wanted to be.

I didn't tell them that being my ex's neighbor made me miss being his wife.

If I was feeling nostalgic or lonely or both, I'd put it on, inhaling the lavender detergent, a trace of his cologne, and the sweet odor of our son's sweat. To do so, someone has to turn and start walking away. We still wanted to bear witness to the other's life, long after we’d asked a judge to grant us the freedom not to.

Our friends and family were confused and amused, wondering how it would end.

That’s all fine but don’t make the mistake of sharing too much information about your previous partner.

Being too open about your previous marriage or long-term relationship will more than always end in a disastrous date.

When that risk became our reality, we were determined, for our son’s sake, to divorce differently.

We agreed that any extra minutes in my schedule should be spent with our son rather than on a subway.

While apartment hunting, we stumbled upon a building with both a top and bottom floor for rent.

When our leases were up, we let them go and searched for a new home together—a place where we could become the partners we were finally ready to be.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez is a writer living in New York City.

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