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Adalind, Meisner, and the baby eventually end up in Rafz, Switzerland where the Resistance has arranged for a plane to get Adalind and the baby out of the country.

Adalind and Meisner get attacked by Verrat agents, but with the help of Kelly Burkhardt, they make it to the plane.

The other webisode, "Love is in the Air: Elegant Endeavors", was released in its entirety on Valentine's Day.

Under the effects of the Cracher-Mortel toxin, Nick causes the plane carrying him to Europe to crash, killing Baron Samedi.

Another side effect is that while sleeping or when holding his breath, he can appear to be dead, something that scares Juliette on more than one occasion.

Trubel calls 911 for Renard after decapitating Weston and takes the potion to the wedding.

Trubel stays at Nick and Juliette's house while they are at the wedding.

Captain Renard shows up with a potion for Nick after figuring out what Adalind did.

Due to how she grew up, she knows nothing about what a Grimm or Wesen are, so Nick brings her to live with him and Juliette, and he becomes her mentor.

One day while Nick is at work, Josh Porter comes to Nick's house looking for him.

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The vapor causes her to transform into Juliette, and while the real Juliette is out getting her hair done for Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, Adalind seduces Nick and has sex with him due to him thinking she is Juliette.

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